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Microsoft Edge Browser Try Fortune on Android

Although there are quite a lot of browsers on Android, in fact it does not discourage Microsoft Edge trying their luck on Android.

Bowser application that was first introduced in conjunction with the presence of Windows 10 is now certainly no longer exclusive to Windows 10. Microsoft officially put Edge into the list of applications in the Play Store.

But the software giant has yet to offer its final version. You could say Edge browser offered to Android users is still a test version. Users who want menjajalnya also required to register first.

There is no information when Microsoft presents its final version. But, as quoted from Tech Viral, the browser is planned to be present on Android and IOS.

Despite having its own operating system besutannya, not the first time Microsoft thrust its exclusive application for other OS. For example, Office apps have been first offered to iOS or Android for a long time, now it is certain that Edge’s turn follows.


  1. Karma says:

    Hopefully it runs smoothly, not as disappointing as in windows 10 this browser.

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