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How to Use Photoscape, Photoscape Features

Some of you may be looking for information on how to use Photoscape to make your photos look more appealing.

Today, photography and photo-editing activities become positive activities that are loved by people, especially teenagers who are busy-fun to be creative. One good way to realize it is by using photoscape, photoshop, and other photo editing programs that may already be stored in your computer memory or laptop.

One of the programs that will be discussed in this article is photoscape. By using photoscape, you can get various effects from photos that previously looked mediocre.

The effects offered vary, depending on your needs and tastes. For example, by using photoscape, you will get the look old style, shepia, or other effects that you can learn next.

What is Photoscape?

To be able to know and understand how to use Photoscape, you should know in advance the features offered by the application.

By knowing its features you will definitely know how to use Photoscape.However, before knowing the features of Photoscape, we should first find out the definition of Photoscape.

Photoscape is a software used to edit photos and improve photo quality. This software although free, but its ability should not be underestimated in the photo processing.

Photoscape can be obtained by get it on the internet. If another photo-editing program requires you to pay a high cost for one license, then it’s time to save costs by using the software.

This program is perfect for teenagers who are actively studying and developing their creative side. Without money, teenagers can still be creative with broad and easy.

The software developed and developed by Korea has a basic concept that is easy and fun. No wonder if many people are interested to do photo editing by using photoscape.

This convenience is also accompanied by the availability of memory large enough to be able to edit photos in various sizes. Both photos taken from a digital camera or from a camera phone, can still be edited by using photoscape.

Just like any other software, photoscpae also provides color adjustments, cutting, resizing, printing, and animation so that photo editing can be done completely.

This software is perfect for those who have not mastered photo editing programs like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint, or others. Therefore, this software is so easy to understand because it is available in the Any language.

If previously we used to use a lightweight editing process that can only brighten our faces when in the photo, then it is time you get a variety of effects that are much more luxurious and quality than the light edits.

However, you also do not bother making your photo quality a luxury by using difficult programs like photoshop and corel. You just understand how to use photoscape, then be your photos become more lively and luxurious.

Photoscape’s Featured Features

In addition, this photoscape program also has some features that we can use to edit photos. Features that can be used include the following.

• Viewer (viewer), to view photos in your folders in a slideshow.• Editor (Editor), to change the size, brightness, and color adjustment. In addition, it can also be used to add text, cut, red eye removal, stamp effect, frames, balloons, mosaic modes, drawing images, backlight correction, and so on.
• Batch editor (editing batch), to edit multiple photos at once.
• Page (page), create a photo by combining multiple photos at once into a single page frame. More than 100 frames that we can choose.
• Combine, create a photo by combining multiple photos horizontally and vertically.
• Animated GIF (Animated GIF), create an animated photo of some photos.
• Print, to print photos of various sizes.
• Splitter (photo cutter), used to cut the photo into sections according to the desired size.
• Screen Capture (screen capture), used for taking screenshots.
• Color Picker, to search for and select colors.
• RAW Converter (RAW conversion), to convert RAW format to JPG.
• Rename (rename), to rename the image file in batch mode.
• Paper Print, for printing graph paper, line paper, music paper, or calendar.
• Face Search (search faces), to search for similar faces on the internet.

Well, from the explanation of the functions of these features, you can already use Photoscape by selecting one of the features you want to process your photos.

Various Photoscape Edit Results Effects

Some smartphones may have plenty of software that includes photo editing, just like Instagram for Android, and other photo editing programs that may not be available for ordinary camera users.

However, if you belong to one of the normal mobile users, you do not have to worry because photoscape is a lightweight app that is reliable and the installer is small.

With easy operation, complete features, and effects that are not less interesting than other photo editing programs, photoscape can be your choice in turning your photos to suit your taste in vision.

Just like any other photo editing program, the photoscape app also has a character tool that is used to make it easy for us to edit photos. The tool is as follows.

Object, the tool used when we want to add text, drawings, lines, or other forms commonly used in comic text.
Resize is the effect used to resize the image to be larger or smaller than the original image. Its function is to customize the photos with the effects we want, for example when pasting one photo on the side or above another photo to look like a slide in photo album.
Filter is a tool that produces the effects we want like movie effects, old style, cartoon, vigtening, focus, blur, clear skin, fish eye, and other effects that might interest you.
Bright Color is a tool that works to edit colors to be brighter or darker, to your taste.
Frame is a tool that can be added if your image is considered less varied. Frames are offered any variety so you can choose it according to your taste.

In addition to the five effects of the tools mentioned above, you can also do other effects by combining the effects of one with other effects. For example, combining photos into a kind of album.

By using photoscape v3.5, you can choose the combine menu to produce the effect, ie with the steps as follows.

1. Open your photoscape app.
2. Select the combine menu at the top.
3. Choose a photo combination model by selecting the merge model size, how many photos to combine, and the size of each photo frame.
4. After that, drag the photo and insert it into the available field.
5. Adjust the size and location with what you want.
6. Save photos after the combine is done.

The process of merging these photos is usually done to get the wedding photo edits, birthday parties, and other memorable events. Then, to get the animation effects, you can also create a kind of moving picture slide by using photoscape as follows.

1. Go to the photoscape app.
2. Select the animated GIF menu.
3. Set the size according to taste.
4. Add the picture you want.
5. Set the time.
6. Save the animation after the animated GIF process is done.