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Estimated Capital of Opportunity Business Internet cafes and Prospects

Business Opportunity Internet cafes ~ In the year 2010 ago, Internet cafe is a promising business opportunity to be run by anyone, both by students, general, office workers, to serve as a side business while running their respective activities.

But in mid 2012 until this year the Internet cafe business opportunity to grow more rapidly and Internet cafe business is one business opportunity is quite promising this year.

Well, for those of you who are looking at this Internet cafe business, you have to consider before you run it, here is our rough analysis of the business opportunity Internet cafe and profit and loss estimates that you will get when running business opportunities Internet cafe.
Estimated Capital Business Internet cafe & Business Type Internet cafe

Before running a Internet cafe business, of course you must know the first system, including is determining the type of your Internet cafe business. Is a standard Internet cafe, online games and note the market. Here are some types of Internet cafe business and its analysis.

Internet cafes Standar, Internet cafes Game Online

1. Internet cafes standard

Advantages of opening a standard Internet cafe business compared to opening a dedicated online Internet cafe or other online business:

Computer specifications can be standard, such as Pentium 3 or Pentium II which is important flash disk can enter.
Full PC price with monitors around 1 to 1.5 millions (look for the former and cheap).

So the calculations if $150 x 10 units of PC = $1500

In capital, opening business opportunities standart Internet cafe is more profitable than opening a Internet cafe business that is devoted to online games. But you need to know, in the year 2012 and Internet cafe business opportunity declined it in because of several factors. Some of them are the increasingly cheap internet packages offered by internet providers in Indonesia.

Another factor is the increasingly high level of income society of Indonesia, so that at least 1 of 5 people who usually become penguna Internet cafe service already have their own laptop, this will certainly reduce the level of business opportunities in urban Internet cafe Internet cafe.

2. Internet cafes Online Game

To open an online gaming Internet cafe requires a high specification by following the development of the game. Spedifications needed:

Optional CD ROM & FDD
Intel Pentium IV, 2.8 Gh, or AMD Sempron (different brand price difference).
DDR (memory) of at least 512 MB
VGA Card minimum 128 MB (recommended 256 MB).
80 GB hard drive.
Monitor 17 ”
Active Speaker with Sub Woofer.

Estimated price per PC is currently 4M. So 10 units x $400 = $4000

What Are The Advantages Of Opening A Business Opportunity Online Game Online Cyber ​​Internet cafe?

If this question is asked in 2011 down, then of course the answer to that question is absolutely no profit. Because, ditahun the use of the Internet cafe is basically to play internetan course, online games are still not booming in Indonesia.

However, if asked this year, a special Internet cafe business opportunity online game, is very likely to earn more additional income. Because this year is the number of online games and the higher demand in Indonesia.

So, opening a special Internet cafe business opportunity online game, more promising than opening a standard Internet cafe service business. Unless you open a Internet cafe business in an area where there is no Internet cafe there.